Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Demons Go Dancing

Happy Wednesday! Unfortunately, I don't have a good camera, so I could not take pictures of the haul I was planning on posting today. 😔 During the Southland Conference, the men's basketball team was knocked out of the bracket by Stephen F. Austin, but our women's team came back and beat SFA's women's team for the championship! The Lady Demons will be playing the #1 seed in Tennessee.

Purple Haze Pep Band after the game and after the court was empty:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Short Update

Hey y'all!

Remember when I said in my last post I was going to chop off my hair? Well, I finally got the courage to do so! I should've taken a before picture but I couldn't, since I don't have a camera phone anymore.

I actually wanted an asymmetrical bob like the one in my previous post, but since my hair is so curly it'd look weird unless I straightened it every day (which I'm too lazy to do anyways. 98% of the time my hair stays in a ponytail and my bangs are pinned back.)

Since I'm in pep band for my school, whose basketball team made it to the Southland Conference Tournament, I will be traveling to Katy, Texas tomorrow morning and will be gone all weekend because of the tournament. I will be sure to post plenty of pictures in my next blog if I can get my hands on a camera.

If you're reading this post, please relink me! Thank you. ♥