Thursday, November 28, 2013

Let's give this another shot, shall we?

Hey guys! I haven't blogged since June and the other day I was thinking about blogging again.

During my hiatus I moved to Louisiana and started my *first* semester of college at Northwestern State University. I made friends, lost friends, had my heart broken twice, and got a navel piercing, which I'm really excited about. I learned a lot about myself that I didn't know before and maybe even grew up a little.

Thanksgiving was today, and today I realized how dysfunctional my family really is. I got to see my newest cousin, Cade, for the first time, and if you need an idea of how big the baby is, he's 3 months old today and is already wearing clothes for 6 month olds. He seriously looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid. He was wearing a shirt that said "Gobble gobble gobble" on it, which I thought was appropriate.

While everyone was joking about Cade's size and his new nickname, Cee Lo Green, my 5 year old cousin, Alli, was running around in a Supergirl costume my mom got her for her birthday, then my aunt's Italian greyhound left a lovely surprise underneath the table and cleared out the entire kitchen... so yeah. You could say this Thanksgiving was just a tad bit dysfunctional.

If you need me, I will be doing the homework that's due tomorrow night at midnight. I have got to stop procrastinating.

Oh, and I'm getting my first tattoo in exactly one week. :D

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!