Friday, February 28, 2014

Hair Problems

Hi! I have a quick little update for you guys, even though y'all probably get bored listening about my uneventful life.

If you read I finally dyed my hair! back in January, you will notice that I, a former hair dye virgin, got the bright idea of trying to dye/bleach my hair blonde with $3 box dye from Walmart, consequently forcing me to go to a salon in town later that week to fix it. Unfortunately, the second dye job has long since faded and my brown/orange hair in contrast with my dark brown roots (which are now an inch long) screams white trash. I obviously would like my natural color back, simply because I am too lazy and poor to get my hair recolored every six weeks. If you look back at I finally dyed my hair!, you can get a pretty good idea of how long my hair is. My mom and I agreed that we should get Stephanie, my hairstylist, to chop off a few inches so my hair can become healthy again. The only problem is, I don't know if I should My appointment is at 2, so I have less than 24 hours to decide what kind of cut I want. Stumbling across a picture of BeyoncĂ© has me thinking I could pull off an asymmetrical bob a few inches longer than hers. It's almost as if BeyoncĂ© herself gave me a pep talk that made me believe I was the fiercest woman on the planet. The fact that this cut looks good with curly hair is giving me even more reason to like it. I don't know though. I know I'd miss my long hair, but I'm chopping it all off anyway and it's about time I tried something different.